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Assisting Hands Home Care provides live-in and 24-hour home care services to help seniors and adults with disabilities who need a home caregiver present 24 hours a day in Joliet, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Our live-in caregivers will provide quality personal care, assistance and availability to respond to emergencies.

The trend of home care has continued to grow among the senior population.  More senior citizens are choosing to age in place than in previous generations and between their family members and the availability of quality home care services, they are able to age comfortably and safely at home.  However, home care needs vary from person to person and some may need a high level of care that their family cannot provide.

Seniors and adults with disabilities or chronic conditions may need a caregiver present around the clock in their home.  It can be difficult for seniors in this situation to provide self-care or take care of tasks around the house, and they can experience an emergency at any time that will require an immediate response.  If you have a loved one who needs a caregiver present 24 hours a day, Assisting Hands Joliet, IL can help.


At Assisting Hands Home Care, we can help those who need consistent, round-the-clock care in Joliet, IL with our live-in and 24-hour home care services.  We will work with you and your loved ones to create a unique care plan. They will also ensure your loved one’s care needs are met 24 hours a day.  You and your family will be able to rest easy knowing our trained and licensed caregiver is always in the home of your loved one.

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Assisting Hands Home Care offers live-in and 24-hour home care services to seniors and adults in the Joliet, IL area who are in need of consistent care and supervision.

Live-In Caregivers in Joliet IL

Many seniors and adults dread the thought of leaving their home to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility in order to receive necessary care. Fortunately, there are other 24/7 care options that allow your loved one in need of living assistance to remain in their home. This option often provides ease and comfort for those looking to retain some independence and familiarity in their day-to-day living.

The type of care services that may be required depends on the life and health situations of your loved one. Such situations include aging, surgeries, serious illnesses or chronic conditions that may limit your loved one’s ability to dress, bathe, eat, use the restroom, and perform other common activities of daily living (ADLs) on their own. For your loved ones who are experiencing these difficulties, they can benefit the most from 24/7 care.

Our caregivers at Assisting Hands Home Care are licensed and trained to help your loved one 24 hours a day with our live-in and 24-hour home care services. With these services, our caregiver will be present 24 hours a day to provide any care and assistance needed as well as respond to emergency situations. All our caregivers pass a background check, are they bonded and insured so you know your loved one is in trusting, experienced hands and your family is protected from liability.

Live-In Caregivers in Joliet

24 Hour Home Care in Joliet IL

For our live-in home care services, two of our caregivers would be assigned to your loved one and one caregiver would be living in the home at a time, rotating shifts every 3 to 4 days with the other. Your loved one would receive continuous care and assistance in the morning, throughout the day and in the evening depending on their living needs. Caregivers may assist with transportation, meal preparation, and certain specified housekeeping tasks in addition to activities of daily living (ADLs).

Live-In Care Preparation

Since our live-in caregivers will be rotating shifts every 3 to 4 days, a space in the home must be provided for the caregivers to sleep and store their belongings. The caregivers will maintain and prepare the space, including changing the bedsheets, so that it is ready for the next caregiver to move in. The caregiver must be allowed at least 5 hours of sleep every night.

24-Hour Home Care

Our 24-hour home care service also provides a caregiver who will be in the home for 24-hours, similar to our live-in home care service. However, the caregiver will not sleep in the home, but will remain awake and alert at all times, including while your loved one is asleep. Caregivers will rotate on 8 to12 hour shifts and do not require a living space in the home. The home care services provided are the same as mentioned previously for the live-in care services.

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Assisting Hands Home Care is here for you and your loved one in need of around-the-clock home care. If you have a loved one in the Joliet, IL area, call Assisting Hands Home Care and we will schedule a free in-home assessment. The in-home assessment will help us better understand your loved one’s specific living needs so we can plan and ensure they are receiving the proper care.

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We don’t provide just any caregiver but send someone who is engaged, compassionate, and caring. Your loved one’s comfort, safety, and wellbeing are our top priorities.

Trusted In-Home Caregivers – Joliet, IL

Assisting Hands Home Care Joliet, IL ILAll of our caregivers at Assisting Hands Joliet, IL must pass a background check before employment and complete additional training.  You can expect our caregivers to not only provide quality care, but also treat your loved ones with compassion and respect while establishing a personal relationship with them.  Our caregivers are licensed, bonded, and insured as well for your protection.

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If you have loved ones in Joliet, IL who could benefit from 24-hour home care or need a live-in caregiver, contact our professionals at Assisting Hands Home Care.  We will set up a free initial consultation to understand the care needs of your loved ones and form an effective care plan.  Give us a call at (815) 281-5276 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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