Benefits of Becoming an Assisting Hands Franchisee in Illinois, Wisconsin, or northwest Indiana

Why Become an Assisting Hands Franchisee?

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the senior population will increase each year, creating a high demand for senior care services.

The senior population in the U.S. is expected to pass 70 million people by 2025 and according to the AARP, 90 percent of seniors prefer to age in their homes and 67 percent of seniors will need some form of care.  Home care for seniors is already a $90 billion per year industry and this will continue to grow as more Baby Boomers reach retirement age.

The rapid growth of the senior population and increasing demand for senior care makes it a great time to consider investing in an Assisting Hands franchise.  Assisting Hands Home Care consists of more than 140 franchises in 18 states and has been ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 multiple times.  Franchise owners who run Assisting Hands Home Care agencies are in prime position to capitalize on the increasing demand for quality home care.

Why Start an Assisting Hands Franchise?

Assisting Hands FranchiseeAssisting Hands Home Care is a leading provider of home care services and one of the fastest growing franchises in the industry.  We also have a proven, scalable business model and a diverse leadership team with more than 25 years of experience in every aspect of our business including home care franchising, finance, and marketing.  Our marketing strategies help us build strong client relationships and generate client referrals which helps our franchisees grow their business.

You do not need to have a background in the medical field or clinical training to be a franchisee for Assisting Hands.  Potential franchisees should have good management skills and a passion for helping those in their community, and they must be ready to invest in a franchise fee and other startup costs.

New franchisees will complete several days of training that includes classroom lectures and on-site visits to learn more about caregiver training, employee recruitment, hiring, billing, scheduling, and more.  Assisting Hands provides each franchisee with billing and scheduling software as well as 24/7 customer support.

The following are the main benefits of being a franchisee for Assisting Hands Home Care:

  • Exclusive territories
  • Recurring revenue model
  • High growth industry
  • Multiple revenue sources
  • Minimal start-up costs
  • Company support and coaching

Become an Assisting Hands Franchisee

If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner for Assisting Hands Home Care in Illinois, Wisconsin, or northwest Indiana, call Area Representative Richard Ueberfluss at (630) 809-6292.  Richard can answer any questions you have and guide you on your next steps to becoming an Assisting Hands franchisee.