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How to Celebrate Halloween with Seniors at Home

grandmother and child celebrate Halloween together

The spooky season is nearing, and seniors intend to join in on the fun festivities. Halloween rolls around only once a year and aging adults are just as thrilled about its ghosts, goblins, and sweet treats. Celebrate Halloween in a spooktacular way with these festive ideas.

Halloween has its roots in ancient Celtic festivals that welcomed the harvest. People dressed up in costumes to ward off ghosts. What started as All Hallows Eve later became known as Halloween. People of all ages continue to celebrate today with pumpkins, ghosts, costumes, candy, and lighting candles.

grandmother and child celebrate Halloween together

1. Wear a spooktacular costume

Seniors can safely celebrate Halloween with the help of family members and caregivers. Dressing up in a Halloween costume is one way to join in on the fun. Seniors might sew a special costume for themselves or the grandkids or buy one from a Halloween specialty store.

Remember that any costumes should be safe for seniors to wear. Wigs, accessories, and the costume itself should be fire-resistant. Keep costumes simple and comfortable to allow seniors to manage bathroom use without difficulty. Whenever possible, the senior should not wear a mask.

If ordering a Halloween costume is not in the plan, consider dressing up the senior in a favorite Halloween-themed sweater. Alternately, a senior who loves to wear socks will feel spooktacular by wearing a Halloween-themed pair. The ladies may enjoy wearing a lovely orange scarf.

2. Pick a pumpkin from the patch

Caregivers might take an elderly loved one out to the pumpkin patch or farm for an afternoon of pumpkin picking. Once back home, the senior has an opportunity to carve or paint it. Painting pumpkins is a far safer activity for seniors than carving them into jack-o-lanterns.

3. Prepare tasty Halloween treats

Extra pumpkins can be prepared into delicious homemade Halloween treats. Caregivers might help an elderly adult whip up an old-fashioned pumpkin pie, Frankenstein cookies or zesty orange cupcakes. Grandkids can join in on the fun and help grandma or grandpa in the kitchen.

But cooking and baking may be too dangerous for some seniors. Instead, these older adults can prepare no-bake Halloween goodies. Dip apples into caramel to make caramel coated candy apples—a deliciously perfect fall treat that will satisfy the sweet tooth of the entire family.

Elderly prepares tasty Halloween treats

4. Decorate the home for Halloween

Halloween is not complete without the massive cobwebs hanging perilously from the tree limbs or an occasional ghoul popping out from behind the bushes. Seniors and their caregivers will feel inspired by the spirit of the season by decorating the exterior of the home with Halloween props.

Decorating the inside of the home also puts seniors in the mood for Halloween. Place colorful decals on the windows or prop up small painted pumpkins on the windowsill. Aging adults will look forward to the Halloween meal when a delightfully ghoulish centerpiece graces the dining table.

Upon decorating the home, take safety precautions to protect the senior. All indoor and outdoor walkways should be clear of obstructions to prevent trips and falls. Ensure the paths are well lit. Avoid decorations that block the view of the front door. Place carved pumpkins outside rather than inside.

5. Start crafting

The chill of the autumn season is a good reason to stay indoors and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Supply seniors with craft supplies, such as knitting yarn and needles. Older people with a knack for knitting might crochet pumpkins, ghosts, and mini-Frankenstein creatures.

6. Play Halloween games

Halloween is a time for merriment, and games are sure to inspire seniors of all ages. Halloween-themed games are perfect for this time of year. Play trivia games with the older adults, asking questions about monsters or candy. Alternately, play a game of charades with a Halloween twist.

The seniors will revel in the joy of sharing cozy game nights with the family or caregivers. Staying social helps keep seniors mentally sharp and engaged. Social events are an important factor in reducing cognitive ailments, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Bring on the Halloween games to benefit seniors.

Two children and their grandfather are decorating pumpkins together on the porch step.

7. Tell spooky stories

Given their wealth of life experience, seniors have a treasure chest of stories to tell. On the spookiest day of the year, invite them to share memories from past Halloweens. Or, introduce a storytelling contest, asking all participants to tell the scariest or strangest tale for a chance at prizes.

8. Take a scenic neighborhood drive

The fall season in the Midwest is visually enticing. The rich red and golden leaves are a breathtaking sight, and seniors never tire of seeing the views. Take elderly loved ones on a scenic drive, being sure to pack water, snacks, and a blanket to enhance the senior’s comfort.

Halloween is a festive time of year, one that seniors will enjoy when companions are near. When you live too far from your elderly loved one to provide care, utilize the companion care services from Assisting Hands Home Care. Our caregivers ensure seniors receive quality care at home.

Companion care is essential to the emotional well-being of aging adults. Caregivers take time to build bonds of friendship with seniors, thereby alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation. We take care recipients on safe outings, like scenic drives, or pursue leisure activities, like arts and crafts.

Happy Halloweens from Assisting Hands Caregivers

Assisting Hands Home Care services meet the care needs of seniors in additional ways. Our caregivers support older adults with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, transportation, light housekeeping, and medication reminders. Our care promotes the physical health of all seniors.

Hiring our home care agency during the fall season or any other time of the year is a well-made choice. Countless satisfied families utilize our flexible care services, from respite care to hospice care to post-surgical care, to ensure their aging loved ones receive comprehensive non-medical care at home.

Whether you need quality senior care for the Halloween season or for the entire year, contact Assisting Hands Home Care. Our companion caregivers are privileged to serve seniors living in Batavia, Illinois, and the surrounding communities. Call us today to schedule a complimentary in-home consult at (630) 948-8193.