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Great Summer Activities for Your Senior Loved Ones

Great Summer Activities for Your Senior Loved Ones

Great Summer Activities for Your Senior Loved Ones

Summertime offers warm weather and longer days. But the heat of the season can be dangerous to the elderly. When the summer months arrive, seniors should look for activities that keep them cool and engaged. Here are great summer activities to keep aging loved ones active.

1. Stroll through the Neighborhood

A leisurely walk outside with a caregiver can reinvigorate seniors. The fresh air and the sun’s warmth against their skin are revitalizing. Take summertime walks when the sun is not at its hottest. Evenings and early mornings are the ideal times to take walks outdoors.

2. Visit a Flea Market

Flea markets pop up in the community when the summer weather becomes inviting. Seniors can hunt for relics of the past with a companion caregiver. If outdoor flea markets expose seniors to the summer heat, visit those held indoors. Plan a lunch in between hours of shopping fun.

3. Garden

Gardening is a hobby many seniors enjoy. Abundant sunshine and warm temperatures help plants thrive. If the senior has a garden that’s begun to bloom, spend time harvesting the ripened fruits or vegetables. When maintaining an outdoor garden is too strenuous, plant herbs in pots.

4. Bird Watch

Like people, the birds are out and about in summer. Take an elderly loved one to a park to give them an opportunity to birdwatch. Or sit in the backyard and watch the feathered friends fly by. Observing nature is a fulfilling, fun way to connect with the natural world.

5. Attend a Concert

Outdoor concerts abound during summer. Guests, young and old, sit on blankets on the grass and feel enchanted by the sounds of music. Concerts may feature major artists or smaller, unknown ones at local venues. Either way, attending an outdoor concert is an uplifting experience.

6. Start a Book Club

Elderly individuals who are also avid readers find satisfaction in book clubs. Invite seniors in the neighborhood to sit on the patio with a cold pitcher of iced tea and discuss their favorite books. Focusing on one book per month is a great opportunity to stay social and engaged.

7. Enjoy Lunch on the Patio

A cool summer lunch on the patio is a nice way to spend a summer afternoon. A meal outside is an alternative for older adults who are no longer able to leave the home. Caregivers can prepare the senior’s favorite foods, set up a checkered tablecloth, and savor the meal.

8. Peruse Local Events

Events are listed in the town’s local publications. Caregivers might peruse the listings and find ones that the senior will be interested in attending. Ice cream socials are perfect for older adults with a sweet tooth, and parades are exciting for those who enjoy being part of a celebratory occasion.

9. Pick Fruits

Picking cherries directly from the tree is a thrilling event for seniors. Look for local farms that allow visitors to harvest summer fruits. If an aging loved one lacks the physical strength to pick fruits, they will certainly enjoy watching and later eating the bountiful harvest.

10. Take a Boat Ride

While cruises on a majestic ocean liner are a dream for seniors, riding a boat on a nearby lake can offer just as much exhilaration. Caregivers should pack a fishing pole, a life jacket, and sunscreen, then head out to the lake for a relaxing afternoon on the water.

11. Woodwork

Woodworking is a hobby that keeps aging hands nimble. Caregivers might present a senior loved one with a birdhouse kit; or, the senior may have enough experience with tools to build a birdhouse with scrap wood. Either way, hang the birdhouse outside and double the fun by birdwatching.

12. Share a Hobby

Summer is the season when the grandkids are out of school. Grandma or grandpa can teach kids with plenty of time on their hands a favorite hobby. The grandkids may enjoy learning the guitar, baking sweet treats, or working on crossword puzzles. Plus, they’ll build a relationship with the grandparents.

13. Cook a Fresh Meal

Farmer’s markets open up for business during the summer months, offering up a sizeable selection of zucchini, plums, and honey. Seniors are encouraged to browse the markets for fresh food, which they can later turn into healthy, appetizing summer meals.

14. Swim

A dip in the pool is a great way to cool down on a summer day. Local fitness centers offer a wide range of water-based summer activities geared toward seniors. Older people enjoy water aerobics, for instance, which is a low-impact exercise for seniors with arthritis or stiff joints.

Summer is an ideal season to get outside and absorb vitamin D. This essential vitamin boosts the immune system and helps fight osteoporosis and depression. Caregivers from Assisting Hands Home Care will help your aging loved one enjoy the summer while keeping them safe from the heat.

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Our elder care agency offers compassionate personal care and companion care services. Professional caregivers tend to the daily physical, social, and emotional needs of care recipients. When the weather is hot, we play games indoors, hold pleasant conversations and join them in hobbies.

In addition, our in-home care services include a wide range of personal care responsibilities. We discreetly help seniors with personal hygiene tasks, prepare nutritious meals, perform light housekeeping, shop for groceries, give timely medication reminders, and provide transportation throughout the community.

Senior home care from Assisting Hands Home Care should be a vital part of your loved one’s daily schedule. Our caregivers prioritize keeping seniors physically active, socially engaged, and emotionally healthy. The company of caregivers prevents feelings of social isolation and loneliness.

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