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Study Shows that Happiness Increases with Age

Study Shows that Happiness Increases with Age

Study Shows that Happiness Increases with Age

According to recent research, as people get older, they generally get happier. This may be due to factors like lessening worries as their kids grow up, less demands on their time and schedule, and more time to focus on themselves and their well-being as they retire. There is also more time for hobbies, exercise, and spending time with friends and family.

We will explore what the research has found to be the reasons for older adults being happier as they age. When AARP Research and National Geographic Partners did a study of those who are 70-plus and their happiness levels, they found that 34% of adults aged 80-plus and 27% of those in their 70s reported they are “very happy” compared to 21% of people 60 to 69 years old, 15% of those 50 to 59, and 16% of those 40 to 49.

It makes sense that your happiness increases with age, and it highly increases at 70-plus. At that age, older adults are more focused on quality of life as opposed to quantity of years. Seniors want to focus more on relationships as well as being independent. The differences between happiness levels in 40s and 50s can be attributed to mid-life challenges that become prominent at that age. However, those who are in their 70s understand that they will get older and worry less about challenges of the passing years. Older adults don’t stress as much and some may not be afraid of death, however, most plan the details so their loved ones are not burdened with it.

In the surveys done by AARP, they found that older adults are more focused on the following items that bring them happiness as they age:


Seniors focus on spending time with their loved ones which brings them happiness. These relationships are very important for people in their 70s and they have even more importance to people as they get into their 80s. However, some other common worries such as finances and health don’t worry them as much. Most aging adults understand that it takes time to have a great relationship with your loved ones and they cherish it. Most older adults prefer to be closer to their loved ones, not only for social proximity, but also in case they need help and support instead of having to hire the help of a stranger.

Not Counting Every Year That Passes

As adults age, they become less concerned with how long they will live. They are more focused on gratitude for what they have and not living just to go through life and live as long as possible. However, older adults are focused on their health and having a good quality of life by taking care of their needs. They care more about good relationships, going to their doctor’s appointments regularly, and keeping up with various screenings, taking vitamins, eating fresh produce, and exercising to ensure that their good quality of life continues for a long time.

When older adults in the survey were offered a hypothetical pill to slow their aging, the percentage of those who wanted to take it fell with age. Only 72% of adults 60 to 69 wanted to take it, 68% of those 70 to 79 and 60% of those 80 plus wanted to prolong their life. When they were offered to extend their life by a decade, they were even less interested, with a little more than half of adults 60 plus saying they would take it.

Health and Being Wealth in Retirement

For most older adults, worrying about finances decreases with age. They can also control their daily life better. Surveys showed that most older adults are satisfied with their situation and have less worry about their future. Since older adults plan for retirement, they can pick and choose how and with whom they spend their time. They can engage in their hobbies or visit with loved ones, and they don’t have to worry or be pressured by other’s needs.

In this part of life, they don’t worry so much about wealth and retirement but more about their health. However, they do consider health issues that may come up as they age. They seem to be mostly concerned about their health in their 60s and these worries lessen in their 70s. For example, it was found that most people’s concerns about health change with age. So those in their 80s worry about their stamina and heart health, while for those under 40, the biggest concern is their emotional health.

Home Care from Assisting Hands

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The increasing levels of happiness in people as they age come mostly from having more independence and control of their daily lives with the time to pursue hobbies and strengthen relationships. However, even the most independent seniors may need help with personal care and day-to-day tasks. Assisting Hands Home Care provides non-medical home care and companionship services for seniors to receive care in their homes. Home care is a great option for seniors who need care but want to maintain their independence. Our caregivers will ensure that their personal care needs are met and be a companion for them as they look to expand their relationships in their golden years.

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