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Holiday Craft Project for Seniors


Snow globes on tabletops and cheery wreaths on the doors create a festive atmosphere. The holiday season is the perfect time for seniors to busy their hands and imaginations with craft projects. Here are nine fun holiday crafts for older adults who want to lend their magic to the season.

How Does Crafting Benefit Seniors?

Participating in craft projects is not only a way for the elderly to stay engaged, but it also offers them numerous health benefits.

  • Crafting enhances seniors’ coordination without the extraneous effort. Cutting felt for decorations requires focus, which improves dexterity.
  • Working with different shapes and bold colors, like red and green, stimulates seniors’ senses. Engaging in an activity like crafting boosts mood, especially when others are involved. Anxiety and depression ease as older people cut snowflakes while enjoying conversations with fellow crafters.
  • The social component of crafting with friends, family, or caregivers is immensely rewarding. When seniors start craft projects with the grandkids, their bond grows stronger. Older adults who craft at a senior center have an opportunity to make new friends as they sew the stockings.
  • Personal growth is achievable as an older adult and crafting offers them a chance to fulfill their wishes, even if it’s as simple as creating the star for the top of the holiday tree. Seniors feel a sense of purpose when they build crafts that brighten the season.


9 Holiday Craft Projects for Seniors

Seniors of all ability levels can experience the above-mentioned benefits of crafting. The following craft projects are ideal for the elderly, as they require little exertion yet still deliver the tangible rewards. Most projects can be created from the comfort of home or with the help of a caregiver.

  1. Homemade Holiday Cards

Email holiday cards are sent out in a jiffy, but homemade holiday cards created by a beloved senior are cherished far longer. Seniors give their cards a personal touch, whether they are filled with sprigs of holly, decorated with family photos, or pop up when opened.

  1. Felted Acorns

Seniors get a head start on the holiday decorations when they gather acorns in the autumn for craft projects. Build felted acorns with real acorns and colorful mini pom-poms. The elderly can hang their colorful creations on the holiday tree or place them in a bowl for a festive touch.

  1. Pinecone Ornaments

As the older adults pick up acorns on their walks in nature, they might also scavenge for pinecones. These little tidbits of nature can be painted silver or gold. Seniors might add red felt hats to them to create adorable miniature gnome decorations for the holidays.

  1. Waterless Snow Globes

A waterless snow globe exudes the same sense of wonder as water globes filled with water—but they’re easier for seniors to build! Instead of water, fill the empty globes with glitter. Add a festive miniature scene in the center and watch the grandkids’ eyes light up.

  1. Gingerbread Houses

Nothing beats the aroma of fresh gingerbread cookies straight out of the oven. But seniors don’t need to fuss in the kitchen when they can make craft stick gingerbread homes. Use craft sticks, beads, and red and white twine to assemble these tiny hanging homes that deliver joy all season.

  1. Mason Jar Snowmen Lights

Who says seniors have to head outside to build snowmen? Stay inside and create a mason jar snowman instead. Drop a flameless tea light into a mason jar, cover the glass in glue, and roll in fake snow. Add button eyes and a scarf for a luminous indoor snowman.

  1. Gratitude Ornaments

The holidays are a time for thanks and what better way to express it than through a gratitude ornament. Seniors might choose a tree, an angel, or any other symbol of the holidays then ask loved ones to stick written notes of heartfelt gratitude into the ornament.

  1. Knitted Stockings

Santa needs to tuck the gifts somewhere and stockings knitted by seniors are the perfect place. Older adults with a knack for knitting might embellish their knitted holiday stockings with felt cutouts, festive stickers, or knit their family members’ initials into them.

  1. Gift Bow Wreaths

The elderly jump at the chance to decorate the front door with a holiday wreath made of shimmery gift bows. Not only does their craft project welcome family, guests, and other visitors, but it’s an environmentally friendly way to recycle gift-wrapping supplies.

Seniors have plenty of craft projects at their fingertips. Many of the above-mentioned projects require readily accessible supplies that can be found around the house. When an older adult has a special craft project in mind, caregivers can run out to the store and obtain the supplies.

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The elderly rely on the companion caregivers at Assisting Hands Home Care to provide them with all the encouragement they need to create the most festive holiday crafts. We provide more than just a helping hand. Our caregivers also support the holistic needs of seniors in the comfort of home.

Professional caregivers assist aging care recipients with everyday non-medical tasks, such as bathing, toileting, and dressing. We prepare nutritious meals, provide transportation to senior centers and doctors’ offices, perform light housekeeping, give timely medication reminders, and serve as pleasant companions.

Senior companionship from our home care agency is vital during the holiday season, which can be lonely for older adults who do not live near family or friends. Caregivers initiate conversations, play games, and motivate seniors to engage in leisure activities, like making holiday crafts.

The support of compassionate caregivers is essential for promoting the overall health and well-being of seniors. Our caregivers are licensed, bonded, insured, and trained in CPR and first aid to give families and their aging loved ones peace of mind and confidence in our care.

When the senior in your life would benefit from companion care, choose Assisting Hands Home Care in Palos Heights, Illinois. Our quality senior home care meets the needs of the elderly during the holidays as well as every day of the year.

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