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Tips to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Improve Health and Wellness this Spring

Spring made its grand entrance this year on March 20. The pleasant, temperate days will last until summer begins on June 21. Springtime, when life begins, is an ideal season to evaluate health and well-being and set new goals to improve overall wellness.

Seniors who live in the Northern Hemisphere are sure to be gladdened by the increase in daylight hours and warmer temperatures. These two major benefits of springtime are consequences of the Northern Hemisphere tilting more toward the sun. People thus enjoy earlier dawns and later sunsets.

An increase in daylight hours and warmer days means aging adults have more opportunities to spend quality time outdoors and reap the tremendous health benefits. Once spring rolls around, seniors are encouraged to rejuvenate their health with the following tips.

  1. Soak up the sun

The sun becomes stronger in springtime, leading to the longer days that bring higher temperatures. Pack away the heavy coats and head outdoors. Springtime sunlight is not as strong as summertime sun, making it safe for seniors to leisurely take in the sun’s rays without fearing excessive sun exposure.

Springtime is the ideal season for walks or picnics with caregivers. While outside in the sun, seniors’ bodies absorb vitamin D. In the US, vitamin D deficiency is common, with as much as 40 percent of the population suffering from it. Vitamin D, however, is a sunshine vitamin.

When seniors’ skin is exposed to sunlight, the skin cells produce vitamin D from cholesterol. Vitamin D plays an important role in the health of older adults. The vitamin helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorous, thereby helping seniors maintain strong and healthy bones.

  1. Take brisk walks

When the hazardous snow and ice melt, seniors can slip on their walking shoes for a robust walk around the block. Walking is considered a safe, easy and, thereby, ideal exercise for older people. The physical activity helps control blood sugar, improve sleep, and support bone and heart health.

Seniors who hesitate to walk alone have the options to invite a caregiver for support or join a walking group. The social benefits of either contribute to even greater emotional health. Choose terrain that is comfortable to traverse, and wear supportive athletic shoes.

  1. Plant a garden

A springtime garden blooming with colorful flowers starts with planting seeds. Seniors who take up a gardening hobby will find themselves enjoying improved physical health. Older adults engage in digging the soil and bending to weed the garden bed—all of which enhance strength and flexibility.

The physical demands of gardening are minimal, which makes it a perfect form of exercise for seniors. Furthermore, aging gardeners experience a welcome boost in emotional health. Along with reducing stress, gardening can prevent some conditions, like depression and anxiety.

  1. Eat seasonal foods

While the garden may produce a bountiful harvest of healthy foods late in the season, seniors should head to the local farmer’s market or grocer early on for fresh strawberries, lettuce, and asparagus.

These fruits and vegetables are available in springtime and can be introduced into a daily diet.

Eating light in springtime or any other time of year has the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or arthritis. Consider preparing light soups, cutting down on red meats, and increasing an intake of healthy fats, like avocados and olive oil.

  1. Hydrate

Water is available year-round, but the beverage will likely be consumed more often during the warmer months. After gardening or exercising under the warm springtime sun, seniors should drink plenty of water. Aim for at least eight cups of water per day to avoid dehydration and its health consequences.

Seniors might elect to drink herbal teas or fresh vegetable juices, in addition to water. As a general rule, older adults should opt for these healthier beverages, as opposed to coffees, sodas, and sugary fruit drinks. Although aging can decrease thirst, ensuring adequate hydration is critical to overall health.

  1. Prepare for allergies

Allergy season and springtime coincide. Budding trees, growing grasses and emerging weeds release pollen, an allergy trigger. Seniors who are allergic to pollen are advised to stock up on antihistamines to manage allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, itching and sniffling.

  1. Join an exercise class

When the driveway is no longer icy, hop in the car and drive to an exercise class. In addition to walking, seniors are encouraged to take up Tai Chi, Pilates or yoga, all of which improve balance. Aquafit is another social option that can be enjoyed in spring.

Opportunities to improve health and wellness in spring abound. When seniors hesitate to go about it alone, caregivers from Assisting Hands Home Care can step in. We’ll help your elderly loved one start a garden on the first day of spring—the traditional day to begin gardening.

Older gardeners might harvest the early greens of spring. Our caregivers will prepare balanced meals with those greens as well as shop for fresh groceries, thereby ensuring care recipients eat nutritionally and stay hydrated. Light housekeeping, such as cleaning up the kitchen, is included.

If the senior in your life chooses to take up yoga, we’ll drive her to yoga class or the senior center. In addition to transportation services, Assisting Hands Home Care caregivers support seniors with personal hygiene tasks, give medication reminders, and serve as pleasant companions.

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