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Why Seniors Should Receive Care at Home Instead of a Facility

Why Seniors Should Receive Care at Home Instead of a Facility

Why Seniors Should Receive Care at Home Instead of a Facility

As individuals transition into their golden years, daily tasks often become more challenging. Seniors may have relinquished their driving privileges, struggle to prepare meals, and feel uneasy during bathing. These difficulties can make self-care more difficult. In these circumstances, older adults require assistance to maintain a safe living environment.

Some older adults may only require occasional assistance, while others might need continuous support. Certain seniors have conditions that go beyond typical elderly care services, necessitating specialized care like 24/7 home assistance to guarantee they get the necessary support. Family members can sometimes step in to help, but it’s not always feasible. In many cases, elderly individuals require assistance from skilled professionals.

Regardless of the situation, it’s evident that seniors increasingly favor staying at home to receive care rather than relocating to a facility. Personal preference is just one of numerous factors supporting the idea that elderly individuals should opt for home care over facility-based alternatives. The following are the main reasons seniors tend to prefer home care instead of receiving care at a nursing home or care facility.

1. Sense of Comfort

For many people, home is a safe place that provides them with a level of comfort that cannot be matched by another place or setting. So, while nursing homes and other assisted living facilities can offer the care seniors need, they do not necessarily provide the sense of contentment seniors crave. Seniors can also continue with the daily routines they are used to and maintain a higher level of independence while at home that may not be possible in a nursing home.

Another thing to consider is that some seniors may become distressed from switching to a new living environment. This is especially true for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as they are better off remaining in an environment that is familiar to them.

2. Maintain Their Freedom and Independence

When seniors reside in an assisted living facility, they must adhere to specific rules and regulations. While they live there, they lack full autonomy and control. This can lead to feelings of constraint and frustration compared to living independently. In contrast, in-home elderly care offers a different experience.

With in-home elderly care, seniors retain autonomy over their time and schedules. Caregivers are present to offer assistance when needed, allowing seniors to maintain a sense of independence and empowerment. This setup not only supports their well-being but also enhances their mental health.

3. More Attentive, Personalized Care

When it comes to caring for the elderly at home, the caregiver provides dedicated attention to your loved one, ensuring personalized care for their specific needs. This level of individualized care is not always possible in assisted living facilities.

In care facilities, staff members are responsible for multiple individuals, limiting the time they can spend with each person without neglecting others. Consequently, seniors may not receive the tailored care they require in such settings.

Moreover, home health care services are designed to meet seniors’ specific needs. The initiation of home care services involves an evaluation of the client’s care requirements, which then informs the development of a customized care plan. This approach guarantees that each client’s care is tailored to their unique needs, ensuring they receive the appropriate level of attention and support.

4. Companionship

Caregivers offer more than just practical assistance to elderly loved ones. They provide companionship and a comforting presence, becoming a source of friendship and support.

Feelings of isolation are common among seniors, particularly if they have lost a partner or live far from family and friends. Loneliness can easily transition to depression. By having a caregiver at home, seniors gain a companion to converse with, engage in activities, and share moments of joy.

5. Privacy

Living in a nursing home can be difficult for seniors who value their privacy as they will need to share visiting rooms, dining rooms, outdoor spaces, and recreation areas with the other residents. Most of the time, nursing home residents also share a bedroom and bathroom.

In-home care allows seniors to stay in the privacy of their own homes where they do not need to share a bedroom or bathroom. Home caregivers can provide assistance with private activities like bathing and toileting, but they will always be respectful of your loved one’s privacy and only provide help when needed or requested.

Elderly Care Services at Home from Assisting Hands Home Care

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If your elderly loved one requires assistance, consider the option of home care services. As mentioned earlier, home health care offers many benefits compared to relocating to a care facility.

Assisting Hands Home Care can help seniors get the care they need at home through the home care services we offer in Highland Park, Deerfield, IL | Lake Zurich, IL | Lake Forest, IL | Lincolnshire, IL | Vernon Hills, IL | Libertyville, IL | Round Lake Beach, IL and the neighboring areas.  We employ well-trained professional caregivers who are properly licensed and insured to provide in-home elderly care for seniors. We start with an in-home care assessment and then create a care plan based on the unique needs of your loved one.

With our home care services, caregivers assist with daily activities, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and transportation, among other tasks. We also provide specialized care for elderly individuals, including 24-hour home care, live-in care, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, hospice home care, overnight care, and more.

With Assisting Hands, you can rest assured that your elderly loved ones are in the hands of qualified professionals at home. Call us today at (224) 268-9068 to schedule a complimentary in-home assessment.