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Fun Activities for Bedridden Seniors and Seniors with Limited Mobility

Activities for Bedridden Seniors

Activities for Bedridden Seniors

Whether it is due to a medical condition, a serious injury, or a recent surgery, there are numerous reasons why an elderly individual can become bedridden and/or have limited mobility. These limitations can make it difficult for affected seniors to find suitable activities to partake in. They will still want to find ways to enjoy their time, but it is imperative that they prioritize their health and well-being to avoid further complications. However, just because it is tougher to find appropriate hobbies for bedridden seniors, that does not mean they cannot enjoy some fun activities and have a good time. If you are having trouble coming up with activities for your bedridden elderly loved ones, then continue reading for some ideas.

1.Read (or Listen) to Stories

An easy way for seniors to spend their time — while also exercising their brain — is to read. From fiction novels to nonfiction books to newspapers to magazines, there is so much reading material that elderly individuals can indulge in. You do not even need to worry about going out to get new reading materials. With e-books, seniors can access and consume a plethora of content on a tablet or smart phone. If reading is not appealing to your elderly loved one, then they can still experience a book by listening to an audiobook. Reading not only allows seniors to experience a new story or learn new information, but it can also slow cognitive decline, improve memory, reduce stress levels, and enhance sleep.

2.Enjoy Games and Puzzles

Another great way to stimulate the brain is by playing games and doing puzzles. Boardgames and card-based games are not only a fun activity but also an easy way to socialize. From Scrabble to Monopoly to Connect Four, there are many board games available. If seniors want to spend time playing games with adult relatives and friends or their grandchildren, there are appropriate options for everyone involved. If seniors want some time to themselves or do not have anyone to play games with, then puzzles are a great alternative. Puzzles of various types allow elderly individuals to engage their brain. Elderly individuals can put together a jigsaw puzzle if they are a more visual person, or they can do crossword puzzles and word searches if they are more of a wordsmith. Seniors who enjoy numbers can try Sudoku.

3.Try Appropriate Exercises

Being bedridden obviously limits the amount of movement seniors can do, but it is still important for them to get some sort of movement into their daily routines. In fact, there are still ways for seniors to get some safe exercise in. Go online and search for chair exercises that your loved one can do. Albeit minimal, these exercises can help seniors improve their blood circulation, maintain and build muscle, increase their heart rate, and increase their motion range and flexibility. If seniors do partake in these exercises, make sure they prioritize safety. Ideally, someone should be around to monitor and help them if necessary. Have them ease into the exercises to prevent them from injuring and overworking themselves.

4.Watch Movies and Television Shows

Spending prolonged periods of time sitting down or lying in bed is not always an ideal situation, but it is a perfect setting for watching movies and television shows. Seniors can re-watch old favorites or discover new stories. They can have a movie marathon or binge watch a television series. Another great thing about this is it can be a social event. Seniors can invite family and friends over for a watch party. You could also do some of the aforementioned safe exercises while watching.

5.Video Chat with Family and Friends

Not all seniors live near their family and friends. If they do, it is not always easy to set up visits with one another. This can be even tougher when seniors are bedridden because they do not have the option of getting up and going out to see loved ones. But with modern technology, seniors can easily keep in touch with family and friends. Take the time to video chat with your elderly relatives if they are bedridden. It is a great opportunity for both sides to catch up and for relatives to see how their senior loved ones are doing.

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If you have an elderly loved one who is currently or will soon be bedridden, then Assisting Hands Home Care can help. We provide companion care services in Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Oswego, Yorkville, Joliet IL, and the neighboring communities of Will and Kendall Counties. Our professional caregivers will double as a caretaker and a companion to your elderly relative while they are bedridden. They will provide home care services to ensure they have the help they need at home, and they will provide company through conversation or by participating in activities with them. With help from our companion care services at Assisting Hands, you can have some peace-of-mind knowing that your loved one is receiving elderly care and companionship from a qualified, trustworthy professional.