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Choosing Exercise Clothes and Shoes for Seniors

Choosing Exercise Clothes and Shoes for Seniors

Choosing Exercise Clothes and Shoes for Seniors

Physical activity can take numerous forms, with some being vigorous and others light. Wearing comfortable workout gear motivates seniors in all types of exercise. No matter in what type of exercise seniors participate, choosing the right fitness clothes and shoes is important.

Why is wearing the right fitness clothing and shoes important?

Clothing and shoes are considered to be a part of exercise equipment. Choosing the right equipment, therefore, is essential to safely and comfortably exercising. Certain pieces of clothing or footwear are more appropriate for different types of sports and physical activities.

1. Protection from Injury

Proper clothing can prevent injuries during exercise. Certain pieces of clothing protect against impact, strain, and overheating. Seniors are advised to opt for compression wear, which promotes blood flow and circulation to the heart muscle. Compression wear offers additional health benefits.

2. Endurance

Since wearing high-quality compression clothing increases blood flow to the heart, the working muscles receive ample amounts of oxygen. Lactic acid accumulation is also thereby managed, reducing fatigue and soreness during exercise. All these factors amount to improved endurance, power, and recovery.

3. Freedom of Movement

Choose lightweight exercise clothing that feels like a second skin. It is important to avoid feeling restricted while engaging in a physical activity. The clothing should allow a full range of movement, so that the senior can focus on the exercise and perform to the best of her ability.

4. Comfort

Exercise clothing made of the right materials will reduce discomfort. For instance, avoid cotton shirts, which absorb sweat and leave the individual feeling damp after a workout. Instead, opt for light, breathable fabrics, which will keep the senior dry and comfortable throughout the physical activity.

5. Non-irritation

Fitness clothes manufactured out of low-quality fabrics can irritate a senior’s skin. As a consequence, the elderly individual may break out in rashes or experience itches during the exercise. Seniors are encouraged to look for light, breathable exercise clothes to prevent skin irritations.

6. Confidence

Lastly, wearing the right exercise clothing and shoes provides seniors with a boost of confidence, ensuring they stay motivated to continue with their workout program. Looking good and feeling good are closely linked, and seniors who choose the right fitness gear enable both.

What are the best bottoms for exercise?

Seniors are advised to choose pants and leggings that are the appropriate length for their height. Extra fabric at the bottom of the pants is a trip hazard. Older adults who prefer leggings may find high-waisted pants more comfortable, since they do not cut into the abdomen.

What are the best tops for exercise?

Personal preferences will guide seniors in their choice of exercise tops. Different sleeve lengths and loose- or form-fitting styles are available. Choose synthetic materials, like spandex, acrylic, nylon or polyester, that whisk away sweat. Avoid cotton, since it retains the moisture from sweat.

Advancing age can contribute to the increased risk of overheating. Due to this reason, seniors are advised to opt for shirts designed with venting or breathing panels. Shirts without a shoulder seam may appeal to seniors who lift weights or perform yoga.

What are the best athletic shoes?

Buying athletic shoes should be done at the physical store and not online. Trying on the shoes and walking around in them are important, especially since a single style will not fit everyone. Each senior has a different foot and body shape, walking style, and personal preference.

Athletic shoes should be purchased with a specific sport or physical activity in mind. Running or walking shoes, which are designed for a straight-line motion and have an elevated midsole, are suitable for those activities but are not advised for group fitness classes or tennis.

What is the best swimwear?

Plunging into the pool for senior aquatics will require wearing a swimsuit. Two-piece swimwear is ideal for seniors, since it is more flexible in size and fit. Older adults’ bodies no longer have the same proportions; so, seniors may have to choose different sizes for the top and bottom.

Seniors with balance and mobility issues are likely to find putting on a swimsuit a Herculean feat. A solution is to look for swimsuits that are both tested and approved by women with arthritis and mobility issues. These specially designed swimsuits are easier to put on and remove.

What are the best sports bras?

Aging women require chest support when exercising, making it necessary to hunt for a comfortable sports bra. Seniors are advised to choose a sports bra based on the intensity of the workout—whether low (for yoga), medium (for walking) or high impact (for dancing).

Many sports bras require the individual to slip them on over their head, which can be uncomfortable or impossible for seniors with limited shoulder mobility. Sports bras that clasp in the back can also be difficult to wear. Instead, opt for sports bras that zip or clasp in the front.

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Active seniors stay healthier longer. Exercise can take numerous forms, whether it is as vigorous as dancing or as light as taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Along with proper exercise clothing and shoes, seniors need a companion caregiver from Assisting Hands Home Care.

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Companion caregivers from Assisting Hands Home Care are invaluable, as they reduce seniors’ feelings of social isolation and loneliness. We accompany seniors on walks so that they feel physically supported and emotionally motivated. Regular socialization from our caregivers prevents anxieties and depression.

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