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How to Entertain Elderly Parents – 20 Indoor & Outdoor Ideas

How to Entertain Elderly Parents

How to Entertain Elderly Parents

Aging people benefit physically and mentally by participating in various forms of entertainment. Now that Covid-19 vaccinations are underway and protect elderly individuals, more entertainment venues are reopening. Still, it is important to find Covid-safe activities that allow social distancing.

Physical limitations can keep seniors indoors but being alone at home for extended periods can contribute to physical and cognitive decline. Seniors can avoid depression, memory loss and ill health by spending time with others and participating in these senior-friendly outdoor and indoor activities.

Outdoor Activities

  1. Community Gardens

Visit a community garden. Walking along paths lined with beautiful plants and flowers produces a calming effect in seniors. As an outdoor activity, seniors are able to maintain six feet of distance from others. Continuing to practice social distancing is critical to health and safety.

  1. Local Parks

Seniors may also saunter through a local park in the midst of good company. Family caregivers can scope out flattened trails, so that elderly parents traverse easily navigable paths. Feeding ducks at the nearby pond from a park bench is soothing for the soul.

  1. Picnics

Picnicking is enjoyable for many seniors, especially ones who are unable to walk long distances through a park. Family members can pack a lunch, pick a shady spot, and set up folding chairs. A picnic lunch can be made extra comfortable for elderly parents by including blankets and pillows.

  1. Bird Watching

Bird watching is a hobby pursued by seniors of all ages and physical capabilities. A parent in a wheelchair can listen to bird calls and attempt to identify birds while seated in the car. A pair of binoculars and a field guide will bring more enjoyment to this popular pastime.

  1. Orchard Picking

Pick apples or pumpkins with aging parents during the fall season. Include the grandkids, and the seniors will experience double the merriment. Many orchards and farms also offer hayrides, which adds some rest and repose after an afternoon of picking summer blueberries and strawberries.

  1. Farmer’s Markets

Delicious edibles are found in farmer’s markets all over the country. While seniors are surrounded by tasty baked treats, they will also revel in the vivid colors and aromas of farmers’ market goods. Making a purchase is not obligatory; simply browsing offers aging parents a relaxing escape.

  1. Mini Golf

Mini golfing is less strenuous than traditional golf, and a chance to spend an afternoon swinging golf clubs will be welcomed by golf enthusiasts. Although mini golf requires little energy and stamina, the activity provides an opportunity to safely get in a day’s worth of exercise.

  1. Fishing

The calm waves on a lake entice fishermen of all ages. Seniors who fish will jump at the chance to throw out a line and see what it reels in. A peaceful activity, fishing can be shared with the grandkids and adult children.

  1. Boating

Alternately, boating allows seniors to enjoy being on the water. A brief sojourn around the pond or lake will clear the minds of aging parents. When renting a boat, family members are encouraged to ask about handicap-access options. The best times to boat are when waters are calm.

  1. Sculpture Gardens

Seniors with an appreciation for the arts will adore a stroll through an outdoor sculpture garden. Family members who discover ahead of time the meanings behind the sculptures can share the information with elderly parents and experience even greater satisfaction amidst the art.

Looking for fun memory games? Check out these free online puzzle games for seniors.

Indoor Activities

11 & 12. Gardening & Cooking

Safe indoor activities are plentiful, too. Encourage older parents with a green thumb to plant an indoor herb garden. Lots of herbs thrive indoors, such as mint, chives and parsley. Seniors can try cooking a new dish and toss in these herbs for bursts of flavor.

13 & 14. Quilting & Scrapbooking

Craftwork benefits seniors in a myriad of ways. Quilters can join a quilting club and offer and receive tips about their work. Plus, clubs with likeminded individuals are ideal places to socialize and foster relationships. Grandkids can scrapbook with grandparents and take trips down memory lane.

15 & 16. Music and Photography

Parents with a musical bent will find excitement in trying to learn a new instrument. Music instruction books and online resources make learning music safe and accessible. Similarly, aging parents can pick up photography. Cognitive functions strengthen when seniors use new equipment and photo software.

17 & 18. Canines or Fish

Adopting a furry friend can lead to endless moments of fun for seniors. If the responsibility of caring for a dog is unmanageable, an elderly parent will find that fish are low maintenance. Families might assemble an aquarium, and seniors who view the fish will experience continued well-being.

  1. Online Games

Online games are diverse and accessible. Elderly parents can play chess and word puzzles from a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Aging players compete against others, some of whom may live across the country. Grandparents can even compete against grandkids for double the fun.

  1. Family Trees

Elderly parents will find immense satisfaction in learning about their family history. Family trees can be created by logging into sites that track ancestors in the US. The research involved is minimal, and aging people of all ages can use the sites to discover to whom they are related!

Elderly Care Hinsdale DuPage Illinois

Keeping elderly parents entertained may not always be practical for busy adult children. However, by enlisting companion care services from Assisting Hands Home Care, aging parents can continue to experience the best of life, safely, confidently and from the comfort of home.

Companion caregivers from our reputable home care agency prevent social isolation, and the resulting depression, in seniors. We build strong relationships with our elderly care recipients, taking time to learn about their hobbies and initiating conversations about their life experiences.

Assisting Hands Home Care caregivers also handle the practical aspects of care, such as helping with all personal care activities, performing household chores, and providing transportation. Elderly parents in DuPage or Cook counties will benefit from our compassionate elderly care. Call us at (630) 407-1932 for a consultation.