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Safe Summer Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Safe Summer Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Safe Summer Activities for Seniors with Dementia

The summer is a time that is known to be filled with fun experiences and enjoyable activities that will become lifelong memories. However, not all of the typical summer activities are appropriate for all age groups. This can especially be the case for elderly individuals who have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

Seniors with dementia need activities that will keep them engaged and interested but that are not overwhelming. So, if you have an elderly loved one who has dementia, then continue reading for some ideas for safe summer activities for seniors with dementia.

1. Start a Garden

Gardening can be a good way for seniors to spend some time outdoors while engaging in a hands-on activity. Even just the minimal movements of digging small holes to plant seeds to grow vegetables or add flowers to the landscape can be helpful in maintaining and strengthening their muscles. It is also an easy way to beautify and add color to your yard.

If actual planting might be too much physical work, simply buying pre-potted flowers and other plants to be added around the outside of the home can be a fun activity.

2. Have a Picnic

Picnics are a fun and easy way for anyone to enjoy the summertime. It doesn’t have to be anything planned ahead or overly formal either. Simply going out into your backyard to have a snack can be a picnic, but picnics can also involve packing a basket full of food and going out to a nice park with the company of others.

3. Go to the Park

The great thing about the park is that there are a variety of ways to enjoy it. Seniors with dementia can have a picnic, people watch, feed birds, or go for a stroll in the park. There are also some larger parks that even have events, which can be especially popular during the summer when people tend to have more time for outings.

For example, musical performances are sometimes held in parks. If the music isn’t too disruptive but rather enjoyable and relaxing, then an outing to the park can be a safe and fun summer activity for seniors with dementia. Just be cautious about any crowds or other situations that can be overwhelming.

4. Take a Walk Outside

Take advantage of the warmer temperatures by going outside to take a walk. It can be a great and simple way for elderly individuals to get in their daily exercise. The walk doesn’t have to be anything too long, far, or strenuous. You want to keep seniors’ physical capabilities in mind whenever considering exercise, so it is imperative to find the right balance between getting activity in without pushing them too far.

5. Watch Some Movies

Summer, in general, is a season filled with warm, pleasant, enjoyable temperatures. However, not all summer days offer good weather that can be enjoyed. Even so, people should limit their time outdoors in the sun, especially on days with high temperatures. In such a case, staying in to enjoy a movie or two is a great way to enjoy the summer.

Seniors with dementia can re-experience movies or even television shows that are old favorites. If elderly individuals want to watch something new, just make sure it’s something they can enjoy and would not become overwhelmed by.

Professional Elderly Care Services from Assisting Hands Home Care

Memory Care Lombard Illinois

While the aforementioned activities are good options for seniors with dementia during the summer, they are not ones that should be done on their own. Elderly individuals with dementia need to have someone available to provide care and assistance as needed to ensure that they can remain safe both at and away from home.

Assisting Hands Home Care has numerous home care services available to help out elderly individuals in Addison, Lombard, Elmhurst,  Medinah, Glendale Heights, Itasca, Bensenville, Villa Park, the neighboring areas. We even offer specialized in-home memory care services to provide seniors affected by dementia with the specific care they need to live safe, comfortable lives at home.

With the Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services we offer, our well-trained, experienced caregivers will provide general home care and specialized assistance to seniors with dementia. This includes personal care and assistance with things like meal preparation, getting dressed, using the restroom, and bathing. It also includes dementia-specific assistance, such as providing medication reminders and being around to help seniors when they wander because of their condition.

Our professional caregivers will have your elderly loved one do memory care exercises to slow down memory loss, and we know how to appropriately respond to the agitation and mood swings that are commonly associated with dementia.

Furthermore, our caregivers will be companions to your senior loved ones. So you can feel at ease knowing that your elderly relatives have someone around to not only care for them and keep them safe but also someone to provide quality companionship.